Hashemi’s aim was national reconciliation, let’s continue his way!

You might have heard that one of the characteristics of a good politician is that people become impressed by his death, which was really eye-catching at Hashemi Rafsanjani’s funeral. The most crowded funeral in Iran after Imam Khomeini’s death. By looking at this Iran’s effective politician’s funeral, one can easily understand that Hashemi was one of the people not someone far away from them.

The reason of Iranian’s sorrow

In fact, their sorrow was not only because of the death of one person, but losing a politician who was a weight for balancing the power from one side and being one of the most important chains who had connected the people to the authority from the other side.

Today, Iranians lost a revolutionary people person whose loss cannot be easily healed. Actually, we are sad because the shadow of a man who always played important roles in important situations after revolution till now has gone. In other words, the fifth decay after revolution without him is formidable. Undoubtedly, Iran’s politic will have difficult days after Hashemi. One who was closest person to public demands and presented himself wherever people needed him.

Courage, one of the Hashemi’s characteristics

Hashemi never hesitated to face people’s decisions, because he was counting himself as one of the people. For instance, he became candidate for 2013 Iran’s presidential election for changing people’s mind. In addition, he was nominated for Iran’s Assembly of Experts, although he knew they do not appreciate him much there. He came but was not chosen; however, exhibit to people what was going there. Hashemi was always with people and compassionate towards authority, and never left people alone in significant situations. That is the reason he was called the peace-maker politician, and even after his death his positive effects will stay in people’s mind.

Day of funeral, day of Islamic Republic

Hashemi did his best to keep the unity between ones who are in authority and believe in people demands. His funeral also held in a same way. Hossein Marashi gave a nice interpretation for it. He called this day of fare-well of people from Imam Khomeini and leader’s old friend, the “day of Islamic Republic”. The day which all of the people with all different political tastes accompanied Hashemi to his eternal home. Hashemi’s concern was unity between different political tastes. It seems that after his death the different political groups are seeking a new formation without him, but we should consider this point that we should not change the atmosphere in a way that Iran experiences a difficult situation after Hashami’s death, and away from these worthless political arguments we should be united together to improve our country.

A plan for consolidation of people in arena

On the other hand, the presence of people in political arenas was one of the Hashemi’s concerns. He always wanted people play a role in making their destiny and never become disappointed because of misconducts. In a travel to Kerman last summer and meeting Kerman’s political activists, he asked people to interfere in their destiny and not to give up against moral threats of opponents. He asked us not to evacuate the battlefield. As long as, we are not in arena, extremists would find the place to show off there.  Hashemi especially asked young people to work hard with hope like the last two elections and do not let extremists to destroy the validity of Iran’s moderation –which has become globally popular these days.

Keep Hashemi’s flag up

Based on what is already mentioned, we should continue Hashemi’s way in avoiding excess and approaching reconciliation. We all should try in a way that “Iran after Hashemi” phrase do not make any fears and by continuing this way keep Hashemi’s flag of freedom and revolution up.

Published on 15.01.2017, Ghanoon Daily  http://www.ghanoondaily.ir/fa/news/main/72078/


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