What was the 100-day promise?

In the last days of 11th government of Iran, the president once again sat in front of journalists and reporters to answer their questions. A meeting in which everything where discussed and Hassan Rouhani responded their questions.

Economy, politics and international issues were the subjects of most questions. However, there were some discussions about Rouhani’s promises in 2013 presidential election which brought some controversies.  By reviewing president’s talks in this recent press conference, some points should be referred.

Start of talk with economy

President’s primary talks were about economy. Hassan Rouhani has well understood the society’s sensitivities on economy, and because of that in his first time, he referred to issues like increasing salaries of low income people and economic growth in different areas. However, Rouhani’s report in this part was not seen by government critics and opponents, and the issue which was more highlighted by them was Rouhani’s talks about his 100-day promise to people in 2013 presidential election. But, what was Rouhani’s promise and how it was reflected by opponents?

What was promised and what you heard

Hassan Rouhani at his campaign for 2013 presidential election had promised in case of victory in the election he would have short term one-month and 100-day programs in planning for solving the economic, social, domestic politics, foreign politics and cultural affairs problems. In the interpretation of these Rouhani’s words we should say that he had talked about planning for solving country’s problems.

In simpler terms, imagine a building as large as Iran which took 27 years to be built and a person and a government appear and destroy this building in 8 years. With this explanation, is it possible to reconstruct this building in only 100 days? How wisdom respond in respond to this question?

Rouhani is not Superman!

Rouhani does not have super powers. Rouhani is not a Superman to solve all country’s problems in 100 days. His concentration in his short term 100-day planning was on those issues which could be solved in a short time and for example factories and manufacturing facilities’ problems in paying their bank’s debts had been mentioned which could be solved by giving a breathing period for paying their debts. What Rouhani promised and fulfilled like solving the issues of essential products, provision of government’s budget in a five-month program and preparing the essentials and preparations for reducing the economic downturn and inflation were all parts of this three months program that you can see its result in Iran’s economy. 11th government need an opportunity. We shouldn’t burn the opportunity for solving the problems with lies and negative light.


Published on 12.04.2017, Ghanoon Daily



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