Fundamentalists’ media are responsible for Ahmadinejad’s today behavior!

“People of hypocrisy are more dangerous than unbelievers!” I chose this explicit warning of Quran for the introduction of this article, because these days we are seeing some kinds of hypocrisy between ourselves. People of hypocrisy are those two faces who are some days with someone and some days against him based on their self-interest. Yesterday, such a hypocrisy revealed. Behavior of some conservatives toward signing up of the president of 9th and 10th governments for the new presidential election on one hand, and behavior of Ahamdinejad toward recommendations of Iran’s Supreme Leader on the other hand are kinds of hypocrisy. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who had the ambition of being the president again, was prohibited by Iran’s Supreme Leader from candidacy for the presidential election. However, yesterday and without paying attention to Supreme Leader’s recommendations along with Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei and Hamid Baghaei, he attended the Country’s Election Office and signed up for the presidential election candidacy. The interesting point here was the behavior of Fundamentalists’ media toward Ahmadinejad’s candidacy and some points about their behavior should be mentioned here.

First- Reaction of some conservative media toward signing up of their old friend Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and news boycott! We have not forgotten in these years, how such media were trying for the operation of showing him as a saint. We have not forgotten how they were justifying his wrong actions in the government in sensitive conditions of the country. Their today silence toward Ahmadinejad is a strange and unpleasant event!

Second- some of other conservative media did not stay silent, but called Ahmadinejad with worst words. The chief editor of Raja News whose media was in the frontline of purification of Ahmadinejad and his government during the 9th and 10th government, has called him as the puppet of Britain and west intelligent systems and assumed his signing up for the election as a mission for those intelligent systems. However, the question is that why you were trying to purify Ahmadinejad while his disloyalty to the revolution and Supreme Leader had been predicted in recent years? Is not Ahmadinejad’s behavior repeating again after 8 years?

And finally, all those media who were enlarging Ahmadinejad as a balloon during his government today are responsible for his disloyalty to the revolution and Supreme Leader. Today behavior of conservative media not only cannot dim or clear their role for probable future events, but also the responsibility for such events which could violate the revolution is on the shoulders of these media friends. Fundamentalist friends! You ignored morality in these years and lost the game to morality.

Published on 13.04.2017, Ghanoon Daily


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