Eleven points for Eleven men! Strange part of Reformists’ list for the City Council

  1. Passion and responsibility for election appear in some people. They fill all the media with breaking news that Reformists will come. After registering, in the first step they say the criterion for choosing the people for Reformists’ list is only the model and nothing else! All the city council candidates who are willing to be in Reformists’ list are invited, interviewed and placed in the model.
  2. They say that model does not work. If the model is considered as a criterion that person would be upset. If the model is considered as a criterion that person would be hurt. If the model is considered as a criterion the husband of that person would be disappointed and etc. Then, they put the model away and without paying attention to honor of people who had counted on their honesty, they will start making an ordered list for the council election.
  1. The Reformists’ body who are dissatisfied with allocating more than one place of coalition between Reformists and Moderates, pretend to be blind and deaf. Just like the registering part, they make breaking news and publish an irrational list overnight. Moderation and Development Party take their share more than what they should with strange and abnormal forces!
  2. Protests against published list continue. Muffling the voice of protestors start with different methods. Like if the list cannot win you are responsible for it. They say this elders’ decision and even wrong we should defend it.
  3. Not more than a few days after publishing of so-called final Reformists’ list, a conflict appear between the elders and suddenly two people from Moderates are erased from Reformists’ list and two people – that one of them has promised paying an enormous amount money to the list- are added instead! The list becomes Reformists and publish with the method of those breaking news as the final list for the second time.
  4. One of the people who was erased from the list by writing an article in the social media which has been also published in the press, accused the Reformists in Kerman with dictatorship.
  5. After one day, calls start and they ask for putting back this person in the list, the man who believed in dictatorship between Reformists, the man who had called Reformists ones who are driven out of authority block. One who call Reformists as monopolists and say dictatorship is a part of their spirit.
  6. Calls worked. He “must” go back to the list. Pressure on Reformists’ figures of list is started and after hours of argument one of the old reformists despite his propensity and for ending the arguments gives up. For the third time with method of breaking news the FINAL LIST is published without the name of that Reformist person who gave up inevitably.
  7. Apocalypse happens! The man who believed in dictatorship between reformists, the man who had called Reformists ones who are driven out of authority block, the man who had called Reformists as monopolists and had said dictatorship is a part of their spirit, have an interview and call Reformist people who are grown up in Hashemi Rafsanjani’s doctrine! He calls Reformists as the ones who are loyal and devoted to national interests protections!!! He says there were some misunderstandings from my article!!! And arrangements for his presence in Reformists’ list force him to tell lies in this way!
  8. One of Reformists’ figures because of sympathy to his loyal friend gives up the list to give his place to him. His friend comes back to the list again and for the fourth time the FINAL LIST is published. There is still no sign of that man who accused reformists because of dictatorship in the final list. But it is still too soon to announce these news.
  9. Musts change the situation! The eleventh people list of Reformists is published for the fifth time as the FINAL LIST! However, this time not with the figures of young Reformists but with the name of that man who was one with, once against and once again with Reformists! There is still a long way to the election and it is still possible some changes again appear in the FINAL LIST! But thing which is disappearing in between is the body’s trust to decision makers and credibility of Reformists’ list. They have published a list which is not defensible anymore and the question is that should we vote for the outcome of that unstable council? The outcome which is disappointing! The outcome which makes disagreements and gaps! The outcome whatever is it, is does not have a thought for “the city” and nor “hope”.

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