Let’s say hello to Rouhani!


In one of Rouhani’s last talks he started and finished his talk with “Hello”. This means we are not at the end of the road. Rouhani’s hello is a start for the path we have chosen together. Start of a public rise for achieving what Rouhani said hello to.

The great gathering of Rouhani’s supporters faced people’s far-reaching welcome. The huge number of trustworthy figures in this gathering was a sign for people’s serious intention for continuation “Prudence and Hope Government”. A presence which was a reminder of not very old days. This gathering was a mutuality between tears and smile and asking and answering. But this is the beginning of the path. The path which will continue to the end with such a same strength.

Today, Rouhani again reminded the role of people and their impact on the election scene. The people who were always in front of this scene, the extremism had been put aside. Rouhani showed once more that his source is people and whenever he needs people’s support he will refer to this source.

Today, Rouhani talked about what he called fear and hope. He said hello to morality and respect and said “No” to immorality. He well drew the threats which are in the way of future of Iranians and asked people to say “No” to these threats. The final parts of Rouhani’s talk can be the beginning of new days in Iran’s politics.

Now, this is our turn! With no doubts our responsibility is saying hello to Rouhani for what we believe in it. From now on, we should try much more seriously to eventuate Rouhani and his followers’ endeavors and our beliefs. We should say “No” to the election boycott and say “Hello” to maximum participation.

Today, Rouhani listened to our demands and said “Hello” to us in the path which we have stepped through. Now, this is our turn to say “Hello” to Rouhani for eventuating our beliefs and demands by encouraging our friends to vote and participate in the election.

Published on https://t.me/rouhani96ir/1590


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