Hello to Iran, Hello to Rouhani!

Hassan Rouhani has become Iran’s president!

Based on the report of Rouhani’s campaign news station 12th Iran presidential election and 5th city and village council election started with the order of interior minister in all over the country yesterday morning at 8:00 and in some polling stations it continued until 00:00.

56,410,234 people could vote in this election and 1,350,294 of them could vote for the first time. More than 63000 polling stations and 200,000,000 voting papers had been prepared for this election. Also, 160,000 police officers were in charge of election security. Around 1.5 million executive and administrative men and women and 70,000 controller were working for holding up this election. In 141 cities election was done in its electronic version. Moreover, Iran presidential election held up in 102 countries and 132 centers outside of the Iran.

The final result of election is as follows:

  • Total number of the votes: 41,220,131
  • Hassan Rouhani: 23,549,616 (56.9%)
  • Ebrahim Raisi: 15,786,449 (38.5%)
  • Mostafa Mirsalim: 478,215
  • Mostafa Hashemi Taba: 215,450
  • Invalid votes: 1,116,259

photo_2017-05-20_10-27-09-300x216 (1)

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