My name is Sina Rahimpour and I’m an Iranian journalist, reporter and social activist since 2008. Now, I’m working as a political journalist in Ghanoon daily and I’m the chief editor of Asraneh monthly. I also, worked in many other newspapers and journals in this long lasting experience of my journalistic life.

In this blog I am going to share the English translation of my published articles in Persian newspapers and journals, because I think they usually cover important international issues of Iran and they are also interesting  for people from other nations. These articles mainly cover every day Iran’s latest news or recovering some significant and untold parts of Iran’s history. In some cases, I may share some of my best published interviews with famous Iranian politicians, artists, etc. In the near future, I may write some articles special for this blog.

Here are some parts of my resume:

  • Ghanoon daily / Political journalist (2014-now)
  • Hasssan Rouhani’s campaign website for presidential election/ Chief editor(2017)
  • Asraneh monthly/ Chief editor (2016-now)
  • Gaam e dovom website (The official website of the supreme council of Iranian reformists)/ Chief editor (2015)
  • Jamaran news website/ Political journalist (2014-2015)
  • Hamrah monthly/ Political editor, science and technology editor, editor of culture and art, executive editor (2008-2010)
  • Payam e ma newspaper/ Journalist (2011)
  • Mehr e Kerman weekly/ Journalist (2010)
  • Ferdos e kavir weekly/ Chief editor (2012)
  • Mehregan e Kerman monthly/ Political editor (2013)

-Sina Rahimpour